Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is an old recipe and has a ton of variations. Some people say it's a chocolate cake with red coloring, but honestly it doesn't have enough cocoa powder to be considered chocolate in my opinion. This recipe is the one I use, its so velvety and moist. It's always a treat. You can also change out the food coloring for different seasons, red and green for Christmas, blue just because, or any other color really.

Basic cream cheese icing

Icing icing icing! Everyone should have a basic cream cheese icing in their arsenal. And cream cheese is a such a great go to icing when you want something really rich. Perfect on red velvet or chocolate cake!

Fried Venison Back Straps

Venison back straps are pretty much the Holy Grail of deer meat. It's so tender and flavorful, and very hard to come by unless you know or are someone who hunts. Shout out to my Dad for the meat we're frying tonight!

They're are a few ways that are my favorite, and fried in fish fry is one of them. Crispy and crunchy, they're always a hit. 

Crawfish Etouffee

Crawfish etouffee is a Cajun specialty. Recipes are handed down from one generation to the next. I like to use a medium to dark roux in mine, some people prefer a lighter, or a blonde roux. But absolutely no tomato. None. Tomatoes are all right in etoufee, but that's more of a New Orleans / Creole tradition. To make a Cajun etoufee, no tomatoes. 

Bacon and cheese stuffed Meatloaf with Garlic mashed potatoes

This one is super kid friendly. We believe that kids should be in the kitchen as early as you have the patience for it. And meatloaf is one of those really easy to prepare suppers that kids are eager to help with. This one is stuffed with bacon and cheese, which kind of tastes like a bacon cheeseburger according to the munchkin. And served with cheesy garlic potatoes is the best!

Rice and Gravy

Rice and gravy is one of the easiest meals you can make. It's nothing fancy, but I promise, it's made in Cajun households at least once a week. Plus it smells so awesome when it's cooking.  I grew up eating it, my Dad still mixes his corn into his and tops it with Tiger sauce. I prefer eating it separate from the veggies, but you can eat it however you want to. 

Chicken & Dumplings

My great grandmother made the best chicken and dumplings. I couldn't wait to go visit her for chicken and dumplings and butter beans. And also because she had the coolest front porch, with a giant set of steps. She made everything from scratch and it was always so perfect. I'm still not sure quite how she made them but these are pretty good too. Every time I make them I think of her.

How to make a Roux

Ok, so if you want to cook anything Cajun, you need to know how to make a roux. If you live in Louisiana, there are a few pre-made brands that are pretty good. I've used them in a pinch, when I just don't have time, or I'm being lazy. Usually the latter. But it's pretty easy to make, just a little time consuming. 

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Oh yeah, Gumbo. Nothing says comfort food like a big bowl of Gumbo. Perfect for cooler nights, or basically anytime the temperature drops into the 70's. I have been known to make it in the summer and just drop the AC down a bit. And since we're stuck in the house with the monsoon not going anywhere, we figured we'd make a Gumbo, pretty much the same as everyone else right now. 

Pepper jack stuffed Boudin balls

Ahhh Boudin! It's such a versatile food that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, supper or a snack. Some people show up for work in the mornings with donuts, but Cajuns show up with boudin.  And what could be better than boudin you ask? Boudin stuffed with pepper jack cheese and fried, that's what. 

Red Beans and Rice with Sausage

Ahhhh red beans and rice, Cajun comfort food. They are creamy and delicious.  They are great paired with fried chicken, a pork chop, or corn bread, or all on their own. They are economical and are great for the day before payday. Traditionally made on Mondays, but we eat em anytime we want. Plus, they're kind of good for you. BONUS!

Butter beer cupcakes with RumChata frosting

Ok so we are in full on Harry Potter mode here. The new screen play came out at midnight, and we had it read by 3am. Needless to say we LOVED it! So in honor of that we are having a Harry Potter marathon all day today, and we need snacks. We already love butter beer but that's been done so many times over, we thought how about some cupcakes?

French Bread

French bread is a staple around here. We pretty much eat it at every meal. And nothing beats the smell of baking bread. It's fairly simple to make, and you can use this recipe as a base to make stuffed breads or dinner rolls.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Banana bread, is such a quick and easy bread. It's sweet and moist and smells heavenly while it's baking. It's also very versatile, milk chocolate chips can be swapped for white chocolate, or left out completely. You can add in any nuts of your choice, the possibilities are endless. It's really up to you.